Universal cart Rezzer package

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Welcome to the LuvPontPlay Racing Carts and Universal cart Rezzer package

Load up your other Pony carts or other vehicles into the rezzer to share with your visitors. It can be used with any make or type of cart or any vehicle.

Recently used to update the FFF sim the Universal cart rezzer is reasonably simple to setup and can be customised as you choose (Thanks to ‘Button Wright’ for the photo)


I have already loaded the ‘LuvPonyPlay Racing Carts in the rezzer so as well as the example in the note card you have actual vehicles to help you work out the position of your own vehicles. These carts are set to Temp OnRez and are no modify, the Carts have 3 modes – Walk, Trot and Run, they seat up to 4- 1 Pony and 3 passengers. if you want the modify cart version please see my other listings.

Vehicles you add to the rezzer should be copy and I suggest modify to the extent that you can set them to Temp OnRez so they will delete themselves when the user has finished.

1) Drop your vehicle into the rezzer
2) Open the Items notecard in the contents tab
3) Add your vehicle name and the rez position as per the examples. Save the notecard and close edit.
4) Click on the rezzer and you will get a menu listing all the vehicles inside, click your choice and it will rez in its position.

*Note – The position of the vehicle is relative to its ‘root prim’ so if the vehicle doesn’t rez where you want it, just go back to the note card and adjust, it may take several attempts to find the ideal position..

Rezzer has ‘anti abuse’ built in. This means any person can only rez one cart every 30 seconds – This is to stop some idiot filling your sim with carts.

Textures can be changed to suit your own needs. The rezzer is copy/mod so you can place multiple rezzers around your sim.(Script is no mod)

REMEMBER – Make sure Carts are Temp On rez so you never have to clean up.

REMEMBER – this rezzer can be used for any vehicle you want to share not just Pony Carts

That’s it I hope you have fun.