Understanding your system – The basics

The system has 5 basic elements, the control post, the start/finish lines, the obstacle, the sensor and the score display. Understanding the functioning of these elements is the first step to customising your system.

The Control post

This is the heart of the system, it acts as a hub for communication between all the parts, it sends and receives the current racer information to and from the other components, it is the admin for each system/Event,  click on it to get the menus, setup race parameters in its notecard, reset scores, reset races, select race types movement allowed options, add others to its admin functions.

The Start/Finish lines

Sends information to the control post about who is the current racer, the information is used to monitor the racer during the race, starts and stops timers

The Obstacles  

They provide both a visual guide to the racer as to the route of the course and act as ‘fault’ detection component, an obstacle to impede the racers progress, information is sent to the control post for storage and integration into the final score as well as real time announcements in local chat and direct to the racer for when the racer is out of chat range from the control post.

The Sensors

These are hidden but can be seen by ‘viewing transparent’ (Ctrl+alt=t).  The sensors are rezzed by the obstacles and detect the progress of the current racer through the course, they report that progress to the control post for integration into the final scores as well as real time announcements on missed sensors and ‘cheat detection’

The Score displays

There are 3 visual score displays for in-world use

The 2 scoreboards with Top 10 scores and most recent 10 scores (Last 10)

The web page top 10 scoreboard, this displays the top scores for 100 racers on a web page, to access this page just click the Pyramid beside the scoreboards.