The ‘Luv’ System

The Luv system has been used on many Cup, League and private events and has shown itself to be both reliable and accurate.  Ralna’s help was crucial in getting this project on the right track,  she is deeply involved in the Ponyplay world as both a competitor running in events as well as hosting her Pony League  events,  as such she was in the perfect position to know what was needed to make an event system of top quality with all the features needed by both racers and hosts.

Some of the products we offer are ‘set courses’ such as the Pentagram Barrel event or the Classic Post Slaloms, this is done to give some consistency across various stables/events and locations so ponies can practise on one course knowing that their skills will be transferable to the next event no matter where its located. The setup of these courses is simple just drop a rezzer and click build making it easier to setup your own stable and events without having to learn complex building skills.

Other events like the Gate Slalom and Steeples are infinitely variable so I have packed the various component parts individually with comprehensive instructions so with a little care anyone can design and build any shape or design of course they wish.

One of the unique features of the Luv system is the ‘web based scoreboard’ for top scores. This web page is hosted on your sim server so its free and allows you to record up to 100 top scores for any event. Scores are recorded to 4 decimal places so there is little room for argument over who has the best times. If your short on prims then you don’t need to use the inworld scoreboards, just leave the web page pyramid beside the course and anyone can see the top scores at a land impact of only 1 prim.

The LuvPonyPlay system is compatible with ‘Iren’s results log’ (thank you iren) version 1.6 and above so if you want to use this in competition events you can.
The Luv system is also compatible with the WPCRS system operated by Pricilla Slade more details can be found here at the EPG webpage