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LuvPonyPlay Speed Checkers

It seems a sad fact that for some people trying to cheat on events is acceptable. I seem to spend almost as much time making cheat blocking scripts as I do making the actual events but well I suppose for some its just part of the game.
I hope this will put an end to speed cheats on my system ……we will see!
Price L$150
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There is a default walk speed for avatars of 3.2 meters per second and a default run speed of 5.13 meters per second.

The default speeds above are for level ground, as you ascend or descend even a small slope or rough ground your speed will change.

To allow for this I have made 2 systems, one ‘Active’ and one ‘Passive’

The Active system is a scanner that can be set with one max speed to cover a large flat area such as the Pentagram.

The Passive system works on a network of sensors, each one can be individually configured to suit the terrain so is more flexible for use on slopes and rough ground where the default walk and run speed naturally varies such as with a Gate slalom course on a hill or slope.

Both systems will only respond to the current racer on its designated course so will not be affected by racers on adjacent courses or people off the course.

*Both systems can be used on the same course together if you wish.

Both Systems on detecting a speed violation will do the following:

* Reset the system and announce a speed fault in open chat
* Send an IM to the racer informing them of the speed fault
* Send an IM to the system owner detailing the name of the racer and the speed they were going

The ‘speedCheck_Plugin’ script in the main folder is used for both systems, just drop it into your control post.
Setup information is in each notecard