Show and share your courses

This section is for you to share and show your courses to everyone and to promote your stables,  As my time allows I will visit stables that use the Luv systems to take a few photo’s and set them here.

If you want to be here just drop me a folder inworld with a few pictures, a description and location (slurl)..  Images need to be full perms so I can upload them to the site.


Alice In Wonderland course by Lila (Liviana Benelli)

FFF Stables



A beautiful stunning course featuring steeples, gate slaloms and post slaloms with an Alice in Wonderland theme.  An excellent example of what you can create with the steeples fence core as well as integrating other components into a single course

First used for a Pony play cup event at FFF in February 2018.  The course was well recieved and the event went off perfectly, the results can be found on Ralna’s pony play site

Well done Lila, you did a great job.


Mushrooms aside from looking great acted as fault if you hit them.









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