Pony Racing Cart

Welcome to the LuvPonyPlay Race cart 2.1

Price L$350
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In this box is:
LuvPony Racing Cart Black and Red versions.
Sensor rezzers (allow you to supply carts to others to use when your not around)

3 modes, Walk, Trot and Run

Rather than have ‘gears’ like a car and just increase speeds this cart has 3 separate modes, each with its own configuration to get the best results. This makes it suitable as both a general purpose pony cart for training and gentle rides through the woods as well as a top end racing cart.

Carts can be set on owner only or anyone can use
Set description box to 0 for owner only.
Set description box to 1 for anyone, if set on 1 then the cart will be set to Temp when the pony sits so removing the cart from your prim count and delete itself after the user stands.

If you want to have a cart always ready for use by anyone rez the ‘Sensor Rezzer’ for either or both carts, it will check every 30 seconds to see if there is a cart in its place or not, if not it will rez a replacement.
This method is much easier than setting a return time for your cart as there is always one there to use and old ones are deleted quickly to reduce prim usage

Sensor rezzer – Touch start owner only, it will turn transparent and rez the first cart after 30 seconds.
To Turn off just click again.


Direction: W A S D or Arrow keys

Default mode: Walk

Controls Pgup/PgDn or E/C to move between modes

That’s it I hope you have fun.