LuvPontPlay Race cart Rezzer

Welcome to the LuvPontPlay Race cart Rezzer

Price L$350
In-world Shop
MarketPlace Shop

This contains the Black and Red cart versions.

Carts are Temp On rez so you never have to clean up.

The aim was to make something fast but easy to use, something more realistic than the ‘Sugar Cube’ cart, smoother and less like an old video game.
I think I have but you will be the one to decide.

3 speeds : Walk,Trot and Run

Rather than have ‘gears’ like a car and just increase speeds this cart has 3 separate modes, each with its own configuration to get the best results.
This makes it suitable as both a general purpose pony cart for training and gentle rides through the woods as well as a top end racing cart.

Carts seat 4 avatars 1 pony and 3 passengers

Direction: W A S D or Arrow keys

Default mode: Walk

Controls – to move between modes
Pgup/PgDn (E / C)

This cart is also available as a mod version with a sensor rezzer and owner only mode, see here for more details

That’s it I hope you have fun.