Gate Slalom

Gate Slalom system Builders kit

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A complete Gate Slalom event hosting and or training system. Race timer and fault detection with points calculation to give each competitor a score.

In race announcements of missed gates and faults

Running and Walking modes option in the control post menu.

In this System is:
1) Scoreboards, Top 10 scores, Last 10 runs and 1 small pyramid (Web Link) this links to a Linden web page and saves all your scores online
(Web page is hosted on your sim server and is large enough for up to 100 Top scores/competitors per event)
Scoreboards have multi level access so others can reset them if you want, just add them to the access list through the control post.

2) Start/Finish lines and ‘End post’ if you want to turn competitors around to run back through the same gates

3) Race Control post

4) One Gate and one end pole both copy (Max number of gates in one course is 99)

5) Number textures 0-40

This package is all you need to train and host Gate slalom events at your stable.
copy and mostly modify, so you can change textures, add to each gate or simply build your own to add to the system.

Number of Prims depends on how long you make your course


Building your own course

Position the Gates to make your course. You can drag the number textures onto the number panels on each gate now or later when your happy with the layout.

Place a start/finish line at the beginning and end, however if you want to end the race at the start line then just use one it will serve as both start and finish, OR use the ‘end pole’ as a turning point to run back through the gates to beginning .

Rez a race controller post next to the start line is a good place.

Next the scoreboards, there are several parts to these so I have put them on a rezzer to make it easy.

Setting up the score boards
Drag the score board rezzer onto the ground, click and select build from the menu, position as required with edit on the rezzer box, the scoreboards will re position themselves accordingly . Click the rezzer again and select the ‘Done’ option this deletes the positioning scripts and you can now delete the rezzer.

*Note on rezzers – if a part does not move into position click the rezzer again and click ‘position’ this will force the part to the correct location
Configuring the course and Race controller

This is a little bit fiddly so I am giving it to you in small steps

1) Decide on a number for your course, lets say for example its course number 20
Click edit on the start line and in the description box type 2000. Do the same to a separate finish line if you have one

Now move onto your first gate and in the description box type 2001, in the name box put 1,
Second gate description 2002, in the name box put 2 and so on,
if you have a large course with 32 gates the last gate will be 2032 in the description box and 32 in the name box
( you can have up to 99 gates in one course)

2) Go back over each gate including the start and click into edit, in the contents tab of each fence click the ‘reset scripts’ tab, this forces the scripts to read the object description so it know what course it is on and its position in that course eg: ‘I am part of course number one, I am the 12th fence’.

3) Click into edit on the control post and change the name box, give the control post a name- EG: the name of your event, Gate Slalom, Big Slalom, or anything you like, come out of edit and click the ‘Master Reset’ tab on the post menu. (This resets the name above the control post and all announcements will be preceded by that name eg ‘The Big Slalom: Fault gate 12’)

Click into edit on the control post and open the ‘settings’ notecard.
you will see these lines:

Enter your course number after the ||| and do the same for the number of gates in the course. The target time is something you need to work out depending on the size of the course, you can change this later if you wish but for now just have a guess, the numbers are seconds. so 120 would be 2 minutes to complete the course.

NOTE* the field ‘tp’ = turning point, if you want to run racers back through the same gates then use the ‘End pole’ as the last obstacle on the out bound leg, set ‘tp’ to the End post number (the turning point this should be at least 2 seconds from the last gate) …………….off is 0 (set on 0 for a one way course)

Example settings:

Correct for a 2 way  course with:
course number 32
11 gates (including the end pole this is 6 actual obstacles, 5 of which will be used twice)
target time 15 seconds
end pole number 6
Example settings:

Correct for a 1 way  course with:
course number 32
11 gates
target time 15 seconds
no turning point 0 (ascending fence numbers only), so the course will either finish on the start line or there will be a separate finish line at the end

*save the notecard*

4) Now click on the control post to get the ‘setup menu’

First menu:
——— This option leaves the sensors in place after each run unless you click the control post to reset, this is best used if your running a short time event, it places less stress on the server as the sensors are not re rezzed for each run.

Prim saver
———- This option removes the sensors after each run to save prims, it is best used for extended events and for general use as the prims for the sensors go back into the sims pool of free prims while the event is not being used.
Second menu:


Select the option you want and the system will calculate and say a score channel into chat.
5)Configuring the Scoreboards
Click edit on each scoreboard in turn, go to the contents tab and open the settings notecard, look for this line channel,-2456
Paste or type your score channel after the comma.

To configure the web Score board just do the same as above

Close the edit window and click on the control post to reset.

******* Thats it your done ready to compete*********

If placing on a mega prim put a normal prim under the start line as mega prims are prone to issues

Resetting the scores
Use the control post menu ‘Scores’ tab.
options are to reset -top, -Last, -web or -all scores

Adding other people to Admin:
You can add people to have full power over the system (except add others to admin) and access the options in the control post.
To do this just select the ‘Access’ tab and the access menu will be given to you and follow the instructions on the menus

Options are

Create a list of people to have access.
Set a password to give access.

You can add avatar names via chat or enter the name on the ‘Access’ notecard, the notecard is the default setting so if you want to put the complete system with scoreboards already setup into your own rezzer your admin list is loaded automatically.  To update names added via the note card added while the control post is in-world click on the ‘Load db’ tab, this will load updated names from the note card


To use more than one instance of the same event type owned by you in the same sim at the same time you will have to give the second and subsequent instances a different course number.
This produces a different channel for each course so each instance of the event will only communicate with its own scoreboards etc

If you need help setting up your first course send message to Chianna Nozaki or if my im’s are blocked contact Chianna Setsuko and I will help you with the setup.