Classic stable Events Bundle

Classic stable Event Systems Bundle

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I have put some of the classic Pony play events into one box at a price lower than it would cost for each event if purchased separately, so if your setting up a new stable this may be the best option to start with

There are number of different systems in the range.  Some are ‘set pieces’ so layout and spacing are set, EG: Pentagram, and classic slaloms, for these we have placed them into faux rezzers.
This means all you have to do is take the unique auto generated channel number and place it into the settings note cards in the scoreboards.

Others such as the ‘Steeples’ and ‘Gate Slalom’ are infinitely variable in layout and design, for these you are given the individual components ( Fences and Gates) and instructions on how to setup and configure them.

It is important to follow each step as it is given, once you have setup a few courses it will become simple to remember the steps.

Where possible we have made things Modify so you can add things, change textures etc, the ‘Steeples’ system has a modify fence core in it so you can build your own fences or obstacles to suit your needs.

All obstacles can be mixed into different courses, so you can add some Slalom Gates to your steeples course etc.

Full support is included on all my systems so if you get stuck just give me a shout.

Chianna xx