The Windrose Barrel Race

  The Windrose Barrel Race With 7 barrels and a central hub there are 5,040 possible route options that can be set with just a few simple clicks. Comes complete with scoreboards, fault and timer integrated into a single system to give each racer an exact score.  Walk or run options can be

Classic stable Events Bundle

Classic stable Event Systems Bundle Price L$4,800 In-world Shop MarketPlace Shop I have put some of the classic Pony play events into one box at a price lower than it would cost for each event if purchased separately, so if your setting up a new stable this may be the best option to start with There

Speed checker

LuvPonyPlay Speed Checkers It seems a sad fact that for some people trying to cheat on events is acceptable. I seem to spend almost as much time making cheat blocking scripts as I do making the actual events but well I suppose for some its just part of the game. I hope

The Pony league

Pony league

Hello Everyone! The Pony League goes in the fifth season! I would like to remind you, we do ponysports to have fun, to spend a good time together and also to compete. Fairplay is absolutely recommended, quickjump and illegal shortcuts will not be tolerated and end up with disqualification. Rules are very simple: 1)

Ralnas PonyPage

Visit Ralna's Pony Page for the latest results and calendar of events This page is regularly updated with the results of PonyPlay Cup, Pony League, Private Events, Polo League and a host of other statistics going back to 2014, its a gold mine of information on events and competitors.   Ralnas Pony Page  

The WPCRS System

The WPCRS system allows to watch all the pony's runs and results on a web page. Runs and current result of an ongoing competition can be watched online. No need to log into SL to check the current ranking. Watch the current status via tablet or cell phone at work or when


I offer full support on all my systems, if I am not online your message will be forwarded to my email so be patient. I am in the UK so GMT time zone, I can usually respond within 24 hours. If you are specific with your problem I can usually

Understanding your system – The basics

The system has 5 basic elements, the control post, the start/finish lines, the obstacle, the sensor and the score display. Understanding the functioning of these elements is the first step to customising your system. The Control post This is the heart of the system, it acts as a hub for communication between

Welcome to LuvPonyPlay Event Systems


The 'Luv Event System' was created early in 2015 with the help and guidance of Ralna Payne, its been a great success.  A 'thank you' to all those who contributed with feedback in the early days.The modify permissions given with the system mean that many people have customized courses with